Wednesday 23rd April 2008

Basil and Aida

Since I wrote yesterday’s dairy, which due to all the excitement I did on Monday afternoon, life has gone well and truly pear shaped. Bella has run away. I don’t think I’d upset her, though to be honest you can never tell with girls. I went after her, but she went way further from home than I wanted to go, so I had to leave her to it and go back for help. Sadly, she has not yet come back. She is out there somewhere all on her own, not knowing where she is. We have done almost everything you can imagine to find her. We have put food and water outside the front door, although to be honest I may have had a little nibble of the food. I helped to put leaflets through all the doors in the village, although my Mistress did say she would probably have been quicker if I hadn’t wanted to stop to talk to all the local dogs. We have put her details on the internet and notified the microchip registers. Her picture is going to be handed out on the buses too. I felt quite proud seeing her picture on the village notice board, I just wish she had been there to see it too. It also means that despite the fact that my Mistress is supposed to be resting, she has walked more miles than she can remember walking in many years. Although I wasn’t able to help I did get a bit extra of pork chop as a reward for trying. It was Monday afternoon when she ran away. On Tuesday morning, when I got up, for a minute or two I had forgotten that she’d gone and went and sat outside James’s room to wait for her to come down for breakfast. When my Mistress gave me a cuddle and reminded me it put quite a damper on eating and that’s not something you hear me say very often!

Bella, if you’re reading this, please come home I miss you.