Monday 21st April 2008

I don’t know where to start. We arrived for Bella at 11.30 yesterday and she went into hiding. When she did come out, she was very shy and apologised for her appearance as she was shedding everywhere and didn’t think she looked her best. I didn’t mind, I was just really pleased to see her. It was almost too exciting because she had come into heat that morning so from a dog’s perspective she might have been having a bad hair day but boy did I like her perfume!

When we got in the car, I gave her enough space to make herself comfortable but then over the course of the journey I gradually snuggled up to her to make her feel welcome. It was quite nice having someone to put my cheek next to, while I snoozed. We got home about 3.30 and I introduced her to the house. Bell found everything a bit big and scary and wanted somewhere quiet to shed her coat. I wanted to play tug but it doesn’t appear to be her favourite game. I’m going to have to seriously work on that. I don’t envy her today, my Mistress is taking her to the vet as she has some stitches that need taking out and she needs to be registered and put onto their system. I told her the vet is ok and tried to pretend that I don’t mind going.

James is finding it all very exciting, although he is worrying about me being too playful. I told him, if he’d seen the way she nipped me when she had had enough it would be me he was worried about and not her! Girls can be strange creatures.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind