Tuesday 15th April 2008

I think we are surviving. I’ve checked on everyone and I don’t think anyone is going hungry yet. I just need to get them to tidy the house before my Mistress gets back later. How can it get so messy in such a short space of time? I am wondering whether they all know where the various recycling bins are. It does at least give the excuse for the consumption of ready meals. The downside from my perspective is I’m not given anything like that. I only get scraps that my Mistress could eat. She works on the basis if it won’t make her ill then it won’t make me ill. I really should have thought about that philosophy before eating the cat pooh the other week. I don’t think my Mistress has ever tried eating anything like that but quite honestly from a human perspective, that may be for a good reason.

We’ve now lived here for about two and a half months. It almost feels as though I’ve lived here all my life. Whenever I go for a walk, I seem to meet people I know and I’m always keen to walk through the village itself to see if I can find someone to give me a stroke or to have a good look at the ducks on the pond. I know my Mistress wants to stay living here and she really hopes that a house might come up for sale. My Master is more keen to find a house to buy even if it means moving from this village, but then I guess he isn’t the one who spends almost all day every day here. It would be nice to own our own home, at least then we could decorate it the way we want and make it all nice and cosy. I’m hoping to plant a vegetable patch too. I rather fancy being able to legitimately dig things up!