Wednesday 16th April 2008

We survived. My Mistress got back to find almost everything in order. Almost! I’d done everything I was supposed to. I woke everyone at the right time. I made sure everyone got fed, including me. I didn’t get walked, but then there are days I don’t want to go for a walk. I didn’t get any extras to eat and I do always like those. I think my Master was quite proud of how we’d done together, I did let him think it was down to him but really I know that I was the one that had got everything organised.

Other than worrying about me, my Mistress seems to have had quite a good time too. She was trying to explain to me what she was doing and I just smiled and nodded in the appropriate places. It was more interesting when she started to tell me all about St Pancras Station. I pricked my ears up and concentrated while she told me about the sculptures and the clock with the gold numbers. I listened carefully while she told me about the Champagne bar and about the shops. I had to get through all of that to make sure I got all the detail I really needed on how I would go about catching a train to Belgium. It made me start pining for my homeland when she was telling me about passing the bit where you check in and then watching some of the trains going out. My biggest problem is they don’t officially allow dogs on those trains, so I seem to be left with two options. I can either stow away, but to be honest she didn’t provide me with all the necessary information for how I would go about that, or I can dress up as her and borrow her passport. I wonder whether any of her clothes would fit?