Monday 14th April 2008

I’ve got one person less than I thought to look after. Helen’s friend saw sense and decided not to stay in a house with a dog in charge. My Mistress has run through everything with me several times. I know what she has left for meals and I am to tell my Master at the appropriate time. I have a more reliable body clock, so I am to wake him in the morning at 7 for my cuddle and to remind him to get up. I need to remember to tell him where all the food is, oh dear I don’t know that I’m going to be very good at this. I did ask my Mistress whether I could perhaps go to kennels instead as then I wouldn’t have anything to worry about until she got back, but she said she’s depending on me. So much responsibility.

I’m now counting off the days until Bella arrives. There are only six more to go. I am really sad that Yasmine isn’t going to be there when we go for Bella. I did rather like her. I know she is bigger than me, much much bigger if we are being strictly accurate, but I did rather take a shine to her. She’s on heat and has gone to meet a stud dog. It’s times like this you realise what it means not to be an entire male. I’m not good enough for her. I feel a bit sad. OK I know I’m the wrong breed too but I’m not racist. I suppose I’m going to have to settle for being a surrogate dad when Bella has puppies. My Mistress has been trying to explain some of the differences between girls and boys to me, so that I am not too worried when certain things happen. She didn’t get very far before I had covered my ears with my paws and was running round saying “I’m not listening, I can’t hear you.” It was all just too distressing. I think I might try talking to my Master about it instead to see whether it can really be true.