Sunday 13th April 2008

It’s all very well my Master coming home having bought my Mistress a bunch of roses but where’s my present? Don’t I deserve something too? I am there only dog, for another week anyway. I suppose I’ll have to make do with sniffing the roses and may be having a little nibble now and again.

We nearly had a bit of an accident yesterday and it wouldn’t have been my fault! Going all environmentally friendly and hanging the washing out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer is a laudable aim and one that my Mistress needs to be encouraged in. The only problem is that we live on quite a windy spot and it whips round the corner of the house by the washing line with considerable force. Despite my Mistress’s best endeavours, she hadn’t got to the end of the line of hanging out yesterday when the first item managed to blow off from where she had started. It was lucky she was there to rescue it and with a bit of dusting off the owner of the troublesome shirt will never know it had a brief stint in the hedge!

I am very worried about the next couple of days. My Mistress is going away and leaving me in charge. She seems to think I am the most responsible one left in the household. It is my job to ensure that my Master picks James up at the right time, feeds James, Andy, Helen and Helen’s friend and then looks after them all on Tuesday whilst getting James too and from school at the right times. I wonder if he’ll remember to feed and walk me too. My Mistress has been trying to teach me how to open my food storage container in case of an emergency. I have assured her in an emergency I’d open the fridge if I had to.