Saturday 12th April 2008

Living in the countryside doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Meat is no longer an abstract concept that is picked up from the supermarket shelves. Rabbits are not just cute little animals but ‘pests’ from a farmers perspective and now even the arrival of little ducklings on the pond is going to seem a less innocent affair. There we were driving back up the lane we live on, it’s single track so if you meet anything it’s a problem. However, if that ‘thing’ consists of a drake pinning a female mallard down while he has his wicked way with her all you can do is sit in the car and watch until they’ve finished. It’s not a sight you get to see very often living in a city, for a start they’d get run over but quite apart from that I don’t think city ducks choose to do things like that in quite such public places.

I don’t think it was just because of the ducks, but I haven’t been quite myself for the last couple of days. I’ve wanted to sleep even more than usual and not been keen to go out. I’m sure when it warms up again I’ll be just fine, but I think my Mistress is just a tiny bit worried about me.

We have Andy and Helen here for some of the next week. Then there are the friends they want to stay with or the friends they want to bring to stay here. My Mistress has given up trying to work out who will be here when, she is thinking of just introducing a card system by the front door where everyone leaves a little card to show whether they are in or out, but then as with all the ‘little systems’ she introduces, she is the only one who pays any attention to them.