Friday 4th April 2008

Wow, this is spring. The sun shines, it’s warm, the hedges start to grow leaves. I run round, I chase my Frisby, I chase cats, I bark and the world seems a better place. My mistress has asked if I could stop using the area around the washing line as my toilet. I don’t know whether she is more concerned that she might step back and step in something she had missed clearing up, or whether she is worried about the washing coming off the line and falling into it. I said I understood, but I was using that spot before she showed any sign of hanging the washing on the line. I didn’t know that was what she would use that particular piece of rope for.

My grandparents went back yesterday so there were less people to spoil me, but one of my Mistress’s friends is coming to stay tomorrow so that will certainly help. My other grandparents are in the process of moving house. I’m anxiously waiting to hear from Misskin and Bertie to know how they have settled in their new home. Being cats, I don’t suppose it will occur to them that I want to know or for that matter see it as an issue in the first place, they probably think they are above being worried about a house move, but I’ve been through it and I know how traumatic it is to arrive at a new place and find the local dogs don’t like you. I don’t know whether it matters to a cat whether the local dogs like them or not, the whole ‘aloof’ thing may not just be an act, it may be real. Have you ever known a cat show his feelings? Does a cat ever sit on the mat, in the same position you left him, just waiting for you to come home?