Thursday 3rd April 2008

Yesterday was horrible. My granny was poorly all day and I wasn’t allowed to go in to see her. I wanted to give her a big lick to make her better but everyone else seemed to think it was better to leave her to sleep. I’ve read somewhere that dogs can offer very good therapy if people are ill, I just wanted to do my bit. I hope it was nothing I’d done that has made her poorly.

We went to the nearest town to here the other day. It’s very pretty, with a little market square but when you scratch the surface there really isn’t very much there, except for banks. There seemed to be an awful lot of banks, oh and one or two tea shops. I suppose there was the odd shop, post office and pet shop, but nothing very much to get excited about. The tea shop serving wonderful smelling coffee was full, so my mistress went to a neighbouring pub that was serving coffee. The neighbouring pub was empty. There was a reason for that! When the coffee arrived my Mistress thought the dishwater the cup would get washed in afterwards would probably taste better! She consoled herself by going to the excellent pub in our village for lunch, which sadly I can’t go into. You don’t suppose she goes there to get away from me do you?

James seems to be spending a lot of time at the riding stables with the horses. I have a good sniff when he gets home to find out exactly what he has been up to. I’ve asked to go down with him so that I can meet the horses I’ve been sniffing, in person, so to speak! I shall feel really left out if he takes Bella when she arrives and I can’t go.