Wednesday 2nd April 2008

We now know what the smell is round here. It turns out we are living near a landfill site. Unfortunately in a recent study it was found to comply with only five of the Environment Agency’s 27 criteria. This is no time for them to think about celebrating their successes! As a local resident I think I’d like to know some more about the 22 things they’ve failed on and what they are planning to do about it. For a start they could build a wind machine to make sure that the wind never blows the smell in our direction. Then of course there was the WI’s ‘litter pick’ in the village last night. How much of the litter would they have needed to pick if there weren’t a landfill site up the road? I didn’t go to help myself, it said children could go when accompanied by an adult but it made no mention of dogs. I did wonder at the sense of doing it on another very windy day. I have developed a new wind measure. We have had ‘one garden chair’ days, which just blow over the chair at the end of the table on the patio. On a ‘two garden chair’ wind, both chairs on the corner blow over. Well yesterday was a ‘three garden chair’ day and was enough to have blown me away if I hadn’t fastened my ears down before going for a walk.

Today I am having a more normal day. James is at school, my grandparents have gone into York for the day and I am at home with my Mistress doing some work. I have nearly editing the first year of my diary and my Mistress is working on chapter 10 of her novel. It was rather fun working side by side, me in my basket and my mistress at the desk above.