Tuesday 1st April 2008

What a day to go back to school. Do you think this is part of the whole April Fools Day thing and James is going to arrive to find he could have stayed in bed this morning? I on the other hand DID stay in bed this morning. I tried going to get in with my grandparents but my Mistress told me off.

Alarmingly I have been enrolled to start training classes from next Monday. ‘Can’t I wait until Bella starts?’ I asked mournfully, but it seems that no, I can’t wait and because I am less obedient, there is no time to lose. That is only the opinion of some people round here. I was quite happy the way I was, thank you.

Our local woodpeckers are even more destructive than the ones we had in Belgium. There was a serious risk of them vandalising the bird table when we were in Belgium, by pecking through the middle of it. Here the birds have moved on to bigger projects and seem to be in the process of trying to chop down the telegraph pole outside our house. Even to me, this does not seem the best of ideas. If I have looked carefully enough, it seems that our telephone line is attached to that pole. That means that my internet connection is depending on it. I will have something to say if they chop off my internet connection. I went out and barked at them, but they ignored me. It’s times like this you have to envy the ability of a cat to climb. I’d be up that pole in a shot, having a serious word with them. Don’t they realise the damage they could do? A dog needs his internet. It’s bad enough that we get regular surges in the electricity so that we have blips in connection, but losing it altogether would be quite a different matter.