Monday 31st March 2008

Now I know this is high on the human ‘Yuk scale’ because my Mistress has pointed that out, but you have to remember that I am a dog. Apparently, however nice cat pooh might taste, it isn’t good for me. The vet tells me it is high in protein, which is what attracted me in the first place, but it seems to have irritated my bowel, leading to an antibiotic injection being needed. My Mistress says I really mustn’t eat it anymore, but that would be like me saying she can’t eat chocolate. Ok maybe that’s a bad example as she can’t eat chocolate anyway.

I’m all confused on mealtimes with the clocks changing yesterday. My Mistress had thought of putting all the clocks onto a completely different time to see how long it took for anyone to notice but they could always have used me as an accurate clock. I know when it is 7am and the alarm should be going off. That’s my cue to climb into bed with my Mistress. I haven’t got the hang of the weekend schedule changes, which annoys her occasionally. I know when it is 5pm and time for tea and I know when it is 10pm and time for bed. No one else thinks it’s time for bed but that’s when I like to get settled for the night. This whole clock change thing makes no sense at all to a dog.

My grandparents are arriving to stay today, at least my maternal ones are. My paternal ones are too busy moving house, for which they have my heartfelt sympathy. Whilst they are busy worrying about which box the kettle is in, I will be making the most of being pampered and spoilt. I hope Misskin and Bertie cope with the move. Cat’s can be funny about things like that, we dogs take it in our stride. Ok so I had dandruff from the stress and none of the dogs in the new area liked me, but apart from that I was just fine!