Thursday 27th March 2008

Well diary yesterday didn’t turn out quite as expected. When I thought they’d gone without me they had only gone to take Hector home. He had dug a hole to let himself out of his back garden and had come to knock at the front door to see if I was free to play. My Mistress asked if he had permission to be out on his own, but unsurprisingly he admitted that his owners didn’t know where he was. He was promptly attached to my spare lead and taken home. The long and the short of it was that My Mistress then came back and bundled me in the car. We had a very long drive but the most lovely surprise at the end of it. I met two other Entlebuchers and a Great Swiss Mountain Dog, in England. How amazing was that. I had a fantastic time. The Great Swiss is a girl called Yasmin and she flirted with me. Oh it was wonderful. It was a bit sad when she’d got me all excited and then decided she’d had enough of playing with me. My Mistress said ‘that’s girls for you!’ She told James he would find that out as he got a bit older too. By then I was smitten so I would have taken any amount of hassle from Yasmin.

The little girl Entlebucher was just a bit older than me; she’ll be 3 next month. She didn’t flirt with me but she was quite beautiful. She reminded me of my friend Mackensey. She was much smaller than me, but her coat was very similar to mine. Her name is Marbella. I now understand why there has been talk of Sooty not coming to live with us anymore. It’s because Marbella is coming to live with us. How cool is that? Another dog, just like me, but smaller. I am so proud. We will be able to introduce ourselves to people when we are out, it will be fantastic. We can go to training classes together too, which is very exciting, although she is a little further advanced in her training. I’ve got to wait a month before she arrives, I don’t know how I will contain my excitement.