Wednesday 26th March 2008

I feel as though I’m being teased. My mistress and James have gone to visit someone and won’t take me with them. I have had to stay at home in charge of my Master. To be honest that is a very difficult task to undertake but I am up to the challenge. I shall work out much more about where they’ve been when I get back. The advantage of being a dog is that we can work out so much by smell. There’s no chance of lying to your dog. “I haven’t had a glass of wine Alfie.” “I haven’t been across a muddy field Alfie.” “I haven’t visited another dog Alfie.” Who are you trying to kid? We can smell exactly what you’ve been up to! And when I say exactly I mean just that. We know when you’ve been to McDonald’s for an apple pie without us. We know when you’ve been for a walk without us. There is no point in trying to tell us otherwise. Unfortunately we are always so pleased to see you that we can’t make ourselves sulk when we ought to be making a point.

At least we seem to have some sunshine instead of snow now. I was starting to think spring had forgotten it was time to start. I’ve been feeling sorry for the poor plants, they keep doing their best to grow and then get spoiled by the frost and the snow. I wonder if they’ll have another go if the weather warms up or whether they might give up for this year and go into hibernation. It would be a shame not to have any flowers but I guess I would have to understand. We saw a tree that had been split down the middle when we were out for a walk on Monday. I presume it was caused by the wind the other day. I felt quite sorry for the tree. I asked whether it would help to bandage it back together but apparently that doesn’t work with a tree.