Friday 28th March 2008

Wow, did I need all this stuff when I first came to live here? A shopping trip has taken place to buy all the ‘essentials’ for Bella; a new collar, a lead, a bed, some toys, even her own treats. I think my position of most spoilt dog is about to be usurped. I was rather hoping she might want to snuggle up in my bed with me, but I guess there are always times that you want to stretch out and don’t want the surprise of a paw sticking into delicate places when you were least expecting it. I want to know if we’ll be in the same class at school but My Mistress hasn’t rung up yet, to book us in, so I can’t find out. I’ve even promised to learn the bits I’m not good at, to make sure we can be together. I’ve completely got the hang of sitting and then lying down when I’m asked to, but why would I want to sit up from the lying position, rather than just get up and walk away? Walking to heel is fine, until I see another dog, or a bird, or a leaf blowing away, or for that matter any other distraction. Then why would I walk to heel when I could be somewhere else. I’ll come when called, as long as I haven’t got something better to do.

I’ve already been in trouble for pinching Bella’s new toys out of James’s room. How am I supposed to resist when they look so much fun? I do hope she won’t mind sharing them with me. I did get a new Frisby so I shouldn’t complain too much. The pet shop was easier to find than the one to buy horse riding things. James needed a new hat and we drove round and round in circles trying to find it, still we got there in the end. How can you need so much stuff for a horse?