Monday 17th March 2008

I’m having a bit of a lie in today. My mistress doesn’t have to get up early as James is on holiday so I thought I would show willing by snuggling up with her. It was all going very well until she told me they would be going to the theatre without me on Wednesday. “Why can’t I come?” I asked mournfully. But it turns out it is one of these dog discrimination things, unless I am a guide dog. I don’t think my mistress fancies pretending she can’t see, it might reduce her enjoyment of the production. I could always climb up onto her knee and tell her what’s happening on the stage. James doesn’t have to go to school this week or next week, so I’m hoping he might want to spend his time playing tug with me. He said something about unicycling, but I’m sure he would rather play tug. I asked if we could all go out for the day, maybe for a long walk, but I don’t think I’ve persuaded everyone to vote in favour of my proposal. I’m optimistic that he might do some cooking. I can at least get involved in that process, even if it is only in a ‘lick the floor’ sort of way. I try begging to lick the bowl out as well but my Mistress usually gets in the way of that happening.