Tuesday 18th March 2008

Although James is on holiday I am presuming that life will be less eventful than last weekend. There were one or two bits I didn’t get round to telling you about. The most exciting was when I had my last thing at night walk before going to bed. It was dreadfully dark outside, so my mistress didn’t want to stray too far from the hotel. We walked a little way through the grounds but then turned round and walked the other way. There were lights along the drive, so we walked a little way down there. We had just turned round when there was a screech, the crashing sound of metal on stone, the splintering sound of metal on wood and then the thudding sound of metal on grassy bank and mud. At the end of the drive a car hadn’t made it round the bend in the road and had ploughed straight into the field at the side of the hotel. We rushed back into the hotel to get help and then did the sensible thing of watching from the bedroom window. I was just glad that we had turned round when we did and weren’t further down the drive when it happened.

We also had some excitement on our Saturday walk when we got to a deep muddy, wet bit with no way round. It came right up to my body, why should I want to walk through that? It was over the top of my Master’s boots so he didn’t want to carry me. My mistress had already nimbly found her way across and didn’t want to come back. I was all for turning round and going back the way we’d come but the rain was advancing and we were about three quarters of the way round the walk. In the end my Mistress held out the marzipan to encourage me and I just had to wade through. I wasn’t happy. I don’t like water, even if it is dirty water.