Sunday 16th March 2008

Well I walked yesterday. I know I walk everyday but there’s walking and then there’s walking. Yesterday involved some flat bits and some not so flat bits. My Mistress was out of puff for most of the not so flat bits, I think she was using my strength to pull her up the hills. The place we’re staying is near Windermere. It’s near the lake and from what I can see that is a mighty big lake. It’s no wonder that it has been used by boats trying to go very fast. I thought I’d quite like a go driving a speedboat, but yet again people are being dogist and a dog can’t actually hire out a boat. I’m going to have to try persuading my Master to come with me. To be fair I don’t think it will be persuading him that is a problem, I think it is unlikely that my Mistress would let either of us loose with a speedboat. Some people are just no fun at all.

I have preferred this hotel to the kennels I stayed at last week. Even though I haven’t been allowed on the bed and have still eaten my own food. I think I like the more luxurious surroundings rather than the minimalist touch of the kennels. I don’t disagree that steel is ‘in’ but that is in the shiny chrome sort of way, rather than the caged dog sort of way.

I don’t know what we’re doing today. I think it will involve some more fresh air, but I don’t think we’ll be walking quite so far. I haven’t actually got blisters but I’ve certainly got tired paws. I would happily opt for a long lunch, somewhere with a log fire to curl up in front of. I’d like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, but without the gravy, seeing as it seems to make me poorly. At least I’ll get to sleep all the way back in the car later.