Saturday 15th March 2008

Wow. We arrived here after dark last night, so I didn’t have much chance to see the surroundings. You have to remember that I have spent most of my life living in a flat low country, Belgium and that although I now live in Yorkshire, we don’t live in a very hilly bit. I can only repeat ‘wow’. This Lake District place isn’t like anywhere I’ve really seen before. There are hills that are so close they block out the view. I suppose in reality they are the view. It reminds me a bit of the trip we did to Switzerland but it’s much greener and more dramatic here than the bit of Switzerland we were in. If I’m being honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much green all in one place. There are also lots of sheep, including some very cute little ones. I’ve asked my mistress if I could have my own lamb to take home, but it seems that the answer is no.

Fortunately I’ve seen most of the view from indoors so far. My Master and Mistress didn’t want to get up too early, so although my Mistress got up to take me outside to select a bit of green to pee on, she as happy to let me come back to bed again afterwards. I’m glad that I haven’t been expected to be too energetic before lunch, it does interfere with my napping pattern when someone wants to walk too early. I need to conserve my energy because from the map we’ve been looking at, my afternoon walk is going to be much longer than I usually do. I wonder if I can have a piggy back if I get tired. I’ve got my own little rucksack, with water bottle and food, so I should be all right if it gets to teatime and we aren’t back at the hotel.