Tuesday 11th March 2008

I was in charge yesterday. My Mistress had gone to the dentist and as she was going to be away for much of the day I was left with the list of instructions. It was a bit stressful having to keep my Master under control. I had to remind him when to let me out and when to feed me. Then I had to remind him what time James’s horse riding lesson was and that he needed to buy some vegetables for tea. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think we would survive very long in an all male household. I don’t think there would be an awful lot of vegetables being cooked for a start!

We’re trying to decide what we’re doing for a holiday this year. I said I didn’t want to go to a city and James said he wanted somewhere hot. My Master just wants somewhere that we all want to go. It was my Mistress that got all practical on us. Sooty won’t be able to have a passport by the summer and it will be too late now to book him into kennels so that we can go without him. We therefore have no choice but to go somewhere in this country, or at least in one of the ones that Sooty will be able to travel to. I quite fancied the thought of the Dordogne with My Mistress driving me and Sooty and meeting the others down there. It would have been quite an expedition My Mistress and two dogs, but the whole passport thing means that can’t happen, maybe next year. Having said that, I am quite keen on the latest suggestion of a boat on the Norfolk Broads. I wonder whether there will be any doggy sized life jackets in case either Sooty or I fall in.