Wednesday 12th March 2008

Well the holiday is sorted and we are going on a boat. I’m happy about everything except one tiny point. The boat we are renting is big enough for the older two children to take a friend if they would like to. When I heard this, I started jumping up and down with excitement and asked if I could bring a friend too. I thought I could write to Elvis and see if he could come over. Sadly it is one of those situations where it’s one rule for children and another rule for their dog. James said I was taking Sooty as my friend, but I pointed out that he would have his brother there and he wasn’t regarding that as enough. My mistress said she thought the possibility of five children and two dogs on a boat sounded quite bad enough already. My mistress asked my Master who exactly was going to be doing the catering for all those people. Well my Master said it would be the two of them, but that was exactly what my Mistress feared as that really amounts to just her. I suggested they could all eat dog food for the week to simplify things, but she didn’t seem keen. There could be an awful lot of pub meals being eaten that week!

I’ve had to get up early to write my diary today as I am off for my trial stay at the kennels. I’m not entirely looking forward to it, but the chance to play with some other dogs will help to make up for being deprived of my home comforts and I suppose I am off to stay in a hotel next weekend, so I can’t really complain. Well I could, but you probably wouldn’t listen anyway, so what’s the point?