Monday 10th March 2008

Well after a boisterous start to the day yesterday my Mistress and I had a quiet afternoon. It can’t be a coincidence that the word ‘boisterous’ starts with the sound ‘boy’. The events culminated with the 12 year old trying to push the 6 year old’s head into the fridge, for reasons that utterly escape me. My Mistress wasn’t amused by their antics, which all began because Andy wanted a piece of cake. I was on Andy’s side. I wanted a piece of cake too. On balance I’d prefer to keep my head from being pushed in the fridge so I didn’t bother asking. My Mistress seems to think that there are a disproportionate number of boys in this house and at times like that I can see her point. I didn’t like to say it is going to be even worse when Sooty arrives.

My stay at the kennels has been put back for one day. I don’t have to go until Wednesday now. I’m actually rather looking forward to having the opportunity to play with other dogs for the day. Much as I love my ‘only pet’ status and the perks it brings, there are days when all you really want is a good rough and tumble with another dog. I just wish there were an opportunity to have the rough and tumble and still go back to the comfort of My Mistress’s bed and duvet when I’ve had enough.