Sunday 9th March 2008

My naughty puppy today

Well we were supposed to go up onto the Moor yesterday but we had weather, so we all concluded it wasn’t such a good idea. Then my Mistress had the bright idea of making me go for a long walk while the boys all went out together. Now it’s all right for her, she had a top with a hood on it, but for me it was a nightmare, my ears were blowing everywhere. When I say everywhere, that may not be strictly correct, they were still attached to my head but in an inside out sort of a way, rather than a neatly dog-eared sort of a way. We got to the bit of the walk where my mistress wanted to take me in a different direction and I just stopped. “You’ve got to be joking,” I said. “You really think in this weather I want to be going off in a direction that I don’t know how far we’re going? Besides, I thought I’d like another sniff at the dead rabbit we saw yesterday.” Well I got to go on the route I wanted but I wasn’t allowed to sniff the dead rabbit. For a start it had mysteriously moved to the top of a hedge, and secondly my Mistress kept me on a short lead for that bit of the walk. She can be such a spoilsport. I spent the rest of the walk with my imagination coming up with possibilities of how a dead rabbit could move itself to the top of the hedge. When I cam home and had a nap, I found myself dreaming of chasing ghosts of rabbits. It was all very disconcerting. The best bit of the day was the sight of my Mistress when she came in later. She had been caught in a heavy rainstorm and was rather bedraggled. I told her I thought she might be taking the ‘lived in look’ a bit far!