Tuesday 4th March 2008

Aristotle watching Dad work

It’s back. The car has returned. You can’t see the join! I know they were getting new bits but I still expected to notice a difference, but I can’t. Now I can go on all the journeys and not be left out. I don’t need to go on the morning school run, I’m sleeping then.

James has been horse riding and unicycling all on the same day. I think my Master had a little go on the unicycle too. It seems a bit unfair when he has told my mistress not to have a go because he thinks she would end up in hospital. He has a point, but what makes him think that he won’t? James is doing well at both the riding and the unicycling, which is more than can be said for my Master!

There is one bit about James living here that from a dog’s perspective is great. Not only does more food get dropped everywhere (I think that is a boy thing), but there is more cooking go on. I approve of more cooking. More cooking means more scraps. To be honest it’s easier to raid the bin when there are children about too. I just need to persuade them to go on more walks so that I don’t get fat too!

On the bad news front, the kennels don’t have en suite facilities. They don’t offer ‘in-room dining’ with a choice of steak and chips or steak without chips either. I can’t imagine the establishment being awarded many stars in doggy guide books. I think that is a scheme that the PDDP should take up, awarding stars to hotels, guest houses and kennels, from a dog’s eye view. I’ve been promised a weekend in the Lake District with my master and mistress in the next couple of weeks, so perhaps I can start with wherever we stay for that.