Monday 3rd March 2008

I can tell you where we went yesterday now. We went to see Granny for Mother’s Day. She wasn’t expecting us, although I had nearly given the game away and it was a lovely surprise. We all went to my aunt’s house, although I had to stay in the car for some of the day, because my cousin Dudley doesn’t like playing with me, but apart from that it was a lovely day.

Today isn’t quite so good. I’m going to have a look round the kennels that I shall have to stay in when my mistress wants to go somewhere without me. I am, of course, looking for a room with en suite facilities and a wide ranging menu that I can choose my meals from each day. I want room service or restaurant dining so that I can decide whether I want the company of other dogs or not. I am also hoping for a log fire to curl up in front of and plenty of people to pamper me. I think it is the least I can expect if they have gone somewhere nice and left me behind. I know my mistress turns her nose up at the lack of en suite facilities, so I am only copying what she does.

There is another piece of bad news for the next few days too. I have to go to have my annual rabies jab. There is a good incentive, as without it I wouldn’t be able to travel back to Belgium, but does the incentive have to come with a needle attached? I think I might be trying the vet in the neighbouring village. I hope they are used to dealing with dogs and not just cows and sheep. I’m sure there must be one or two differences and I’d hate them to get confused. I suppose my last vet could tell the difference between me and a guinea pig, so I guess I should be optimistic.