Wednesday 5th March 2008

A dog can worry you know. This visit to have a look at a kennels is one thing but booking me in for a ‘test stay’ is not acceptable. It’s no good my Mistress saying she has booked me in and that’s all there is too it. What if I don’t like it? What if I have nightmares and want to come home? What if the other dogs don’t like me? She has at least checked that I can take my own bed, but there’s no settee to climb on when I want a change. No duvet to snuggle into in the morning. I think it’s worse knowing that the rest of my family will be in their own beds in their own home, just down the road. I want to be in their own beds with them. Unfortunately the same strict upbringing is being applied to me as the rest of the younger members of the house. Tantrums do not get you anywhere. Wailing and sobbing do not get you anywhere. I’ve even tried flattery but that has no effect either. I know if I cause trouble when I’m there I won’t get brought home early, I can’t see anything to do but go along with the plan. At least when I come back I get to look forward to a weekend away with my Master and Mistress. You do think I do don’t you? You don’t think they’re really planning to leave me at the kennels and go without me do you? Oh what is a poor puppy to do? And now would not be a good time to point out to me that strictly speaking I am not a puppy. If I want to wallow and feel sorry for myself the least you can do is go along with it.