Wednesday 27th February 2008

Well it’s all happening round here. I chased a cat earlier. There was just one tiny problem. The cat was outside and I was inside. I slipped on the kitchen floor and scooted along on the doormat by the French windows, bumping my head into the glass, as the door was of course closed! I must remember to chase them when I am outside and not when I am inside.

When we went out for a walk yesterday we saw a rat, dead, spread-eagled, or to be more precise, spread-ratted on the grass verge. It wasn’t a pretty sight. My mistress said that I need to get used to things like that living in the country. She has decided not to mention it to James. On a  good news front, I did spot some mole hills down the side of the road. I asked my mistress if we could invite them back to our garden so that I can watch their progress. Spoilsport that she is, she said they were better where they were and she had had enough to wondering if we were going to disappear down a mole hill  to last her a lifetime.

James has had his first go on a unicycle. He rather liked it and was doing quite well. In this village, unicycles are more common that bicycles. What was really impressive was when one of the girls from the village demonstrated juggling with knives. Some of them juggle with fire too. Do you think this is normal teenage behaviour? I wonder how often they end up in hospital when they are learning. My mistress says she would like to try both the unicycling and the juggling, but I think we all think that is a bad idea! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near when she starting throwing knives in the air!