Monday 18th February 2008

Me and Shadow walking for Heidi

Hugo is dealing with his issues. He wagged his tail at me yesterday and we had a bit of fun playing in the garden. It’s a shame there’s a fence between us. What was funny was that when my mistress came to get me to come in, she looked up and saw what can only be described as a ‘satellite dish’ on the side of the house. ‘Now correct me if I’m wrong’, I said to her, ‘but weren’t you told that you couldn’t put a satellite dish up when you asked the letting agent. Isn’t that why you have had all these problems sorting out a broadband connection?’ Sadly I was right. So, having signed up for broadband from another provider and told my master he can’t have Sky tv, it turns out that may not be the case after all. My mistress took it all in her stride, which is more than can be said for plumbing in the washing machine. The landlord told us the last people took a vital part with them so he brought round a replacement. Sadly the replacement was not the right part. On Saturday my master and mistress tried to buy the right part but forgot to take the existing thing with them, so they bought something that was the wrong size. On Sunday my master went back to buy the right size. He forgot to take the one back that was wrong, or the part he was trying to match to. Now we have two wrong parts and still no plumbed in washing machine.  Today my mistress has been tasked with taking the old part and finding a plumbers merchant to buy the new part from. Let’s see if we can mange the full set of three wrong parts or whether it will be third time lucky.