Sunday 17th February 2008

What does the week ahead have in store? James will move in this afternoon. I’m taking odds on him leaving some vital item behind. Broadband is die to be connected on Tuesday. I’m taking odds that something will go wrong. The wardrobes will be delivered on Friday. I’m taking odds on them calling while my mistress is out and I can’t exactly sign for them. The burning questions however are will my master and mistress work out how the heating operates and what are the chances of my mistress getting her car back from repair? We were originally told that the estimate for the car coming back was last Thursday but it turns out that the parts have not come in quickly. We are now being told next Friday and at last my mistress has a loan car from the garage. The bad news is that the loan car specifically states that no animals are allowed in it. It’s great isn’t it smokers and children are allowed but not animals. I never make nearly so mess as the children. I don’t drop litter on the floor or get sticky fingers on everything. I don’t smell as bad as smoking. All I do is shed the occasional hair here and there. My mistress sheds as much hair as I do. What is it the English have against dogs?

I am enjoying being a bit more settled, even if there are still boxes everywhere. Some of the boxes will stay where they are as there’s no room to put everything. Some of the boxes seem to have things that are for sale. I have double checked and I can’t see any of my toys in them, just the excesses that my mistress has collected over the years by hoarding everything. My master is still at the hoarding stage but she’s working on him.