Tuesday 19th February 2008

Is today going to be the day? Will I finally be reconnected with the outside world? My mistress remembers the days before broadband, all I can say is ‘whatever did she find to do with her time?’

I took my mistress for a walk by the route I wanted to go yesterday, rather than the route she had planned. I had in mind the chance of chasing the ducks, sadly when you are attached to a lead there is only so much chasing you can do. Sadly I met another new dog in the village and it would seem that she had ‘issues’ too. Why is it that none of the dogs round here like me? I could start to become paranoid if I didn’t know how wonderful I am.

After a long and painful saga, the washing machine is plumbed in. After dropping James for his first day at his new school, my mistress headed back to B&Q to get a refund on the two lots of wrong parts and buy the right one. The man from the plumbing section was in staff training. When he did eventually come, he couldn’t help and so my mistress gritted her teeth and headed for the ‘Plumb Centre’. The man there said they couldn’t help and that she needed to go to their other place the other side of York. So off she set. As she was heading into York she saw a bigger B&Q so went in there to ask. This time they couldn’t help but said to try a specialist bathroom and kitchen shop around the corner. As it turned out not only could they help but they actually knew what they were talking about and sorted the problem within 30 seconds. It really just goes to show how very few experts there are in the world! Maybe the ones who are experts in plumbing can earn so much more doing the job that they are unlikely to work in a shop selling the parts.