Saturday 9th February 2008

I think the dogs round here are racist. I have never been approached like this before but now two dogs have growled at me quite viciously. I thought Yorkshire was supposed to be very friendly but clearly that doesn’t apply if you are a Belgian dog. The people have generally been friendly, it’s only the dogs that seem to have taken a dislike to me.

Quite a lot of the furniture has now been reassembled. Quite a lot of things have been taken out of boxes, looked at and put back into boxes because there’s nowhere to put them. I am hiding my toys so that they can’t be taken to a sale. Oh the bunk bed building was fun, as long as you weren’t the one doing building. “How does this work then?” my master asked half way through the process. My master and mistress approach these things in different ways. My mistress stands back and assesses the job before starting and works out how to do it. My master criticises her for being slow and not getting on with it. My master on the other hand rushes straight in and starts to build and then has to take it apart and reassemble it when he finds the parts in the wrong places. Is my mistress really so stupid for doing less work? I shall leave you to decide.

We are still sleeping at our old house, at least until my bed has been found and I think the sheets for my mistress’s, although I don’t see the need for sheets myself. Yesterday my mistress was hoping for a little bit of a lie in but reckoned without the 7am parcel delivery for my master. He didn’t actually get out of bed. I said she should leave it but somehow she felt obliged to go. It’s her own fault. She really should take less responsibility for things. I would have gone myself but this postman has never given me a dog biscuit.