Sunday 10th February 2008

You would think my mistress had been to war rather than moved house. She has bruises and scratches and cuts and grazes. In fact she is a bit of a mess all things considered. She has lugged boxes and pushed boxes and all I can do is sit and keep an eye on her. We have had some lovely walks and with the weather having been quite good it hasn’t felt so bad leaving our lovely home in Belgium and the woods around it. I haven’t made friends with any local dogs yet. They still don’t seem very pleased to welcome me into their community.  The house was at last straight enough for us to sleep in last night, I even got my proper bed back, which came as a relief it is much comfier and felt like being at home. Today apparently James is moving all his stuff in. I hope he’s got some things that I can play with. I shall have a good look round his room later to see if he has borrowed any of my things too. He might like squeaky toys and chews.

My mistress is supposed to be sewing name labels into all James’s school clothes but she can’t actually find the box with the needle and thread in it. She knows it must be somewhere and that that somewhere must be in the house here but beyond that it is all a bit of a mystery. They are iron in labels but she wants to stitch them for safety. The ironing bit isn’t a problem, they seem to have a choice of four irons. It’s an odd household. At the moment we have four coffee machines, four irons and no wardrobes. I wonder if anyone wants to do a swap. I’ll trade you two irons and a coffee maker for a wardrobe. Any takers?