Monday 28th January 2008

Today’s the day. Once I’ve finished writing this, I shall go and join my master in the car ready to set off. I shan’t be sorry to leave all the boxes behind, although I do hope that the ones with my toys in will be all right. I asked if I could take all my things in the car with me, but it seems there were other things to go in the car too. My bed is perched on a box. I’m not sure how I shall get in but once I am in it looks as though I might be reasonably comfortable. I’ve checked, several times, that my master has got my passport and our tickets. He’s remembered my food, bowls and water. We’ve even got the little bags ready for him to clear up after me.

I keep telling them, I’m not going home, I’m emigrating. They forget that I’m Belgian by birth. I had a last nostalgic walk down the bridleway. I chased every bird I could find, just to make sure they would remember me for a while. I ran into all the undergrowth and had a last delicious swig of Belgian puddles. Now I am off for one last look round what has been my little empire for the last two years. I might fit in a bit of a bark at the neighbourhood dogs too. Then as we drive off up the road, it will only remain for me to wave a sad little paw to my friends Cuckoo and Elvis and then we’ll be on our way. It would all be quite an adventure if I were an adventurous sort of dog. When you’re a curl up on the settee in front of the fire sort of dog, it is very hard to leave the fireside behind.

‘Tot ziens’. Farewell Belgium. I will never forget my homeland and I’ll visit just as soon as I can. Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back to live here again.