Tuesday 29th January 2008

Another day another country. I directed my master where to go at the Channel Tunnel and showed the nice lady my passport and microship. It all went remarkably well and I didn’t even lose my place on the map in giving my master directions. Now here I am at my grandparents trying my best to entertain them. My master has now left me and set off for Middlesbrough, so it looks as though I’m in charge. My grandpa is going into hospital today so I have to look after granny. I hope looking after her still involves having my tummy rubbed.  We left my mistress at 10am yesterday, still with quite a lot of packing to do. This wasn’t a problem as the removers were not due to arrive until today. However, they rang to say could they come early. My poor mistress had to work very hard to get the packing finished, but she managed. Even if she did get very cold hands trying to get the ice out of the ice machine in a hurry. The most upsetting thought is that she is now staying with Matilda and Tigger and not with me. I didn’t even get to curl up on the bed last night as with my master in it there isn’t any spare room. My mistress claims there isn’t any spare room when she is in it, but I just squeeze her over a bit and hop in all the same. The question is, can I persuade my granny to share her bed with me tonight whilst grandpa is in hospital? I thought she might appreciate someone to snuggle up to. I can stay very still if I am given somewhere nice and comfortable to do it.