Sunday 27th January 2008

Oh the shame of it. What would I have done if she’d been arrested? To all intents and purposes, it looked as though my mistress was trying to steal a car yesterday. She says she didn’t mean to. You don’t suppose the pressure is getting to her do you? She claims it was all a simple mistake. She went to change her Belgian mobile phone to a pay-as-you-go contract. She parked quite near the shop and went in. When she came out she clicked the key fob to pen her car and when it bleeped to say it was open she pulled on the door handle. It didn’t work. She tried the key fob again and then tried the door, nothing happened. She tried a third time and then when nothing happened she looked up to think and spotted her car, the next one down the road. Whilst she was in the store a car that was the same model and colour as hers, with the same amount of added mud and grime, had parked in front of her. She was only trying to get into the wrong car. She was, to put it mildly, very embarrassed and hoped that no one had actually been watching her. I don’t have a sensible owner to rub together, or is that another saying?

I have a final update, on the moles, for you, before I leave for England. They’re winning. Given the new ‘mole man’ is supposed to have ‘dealt’ with the problem, he doesn’t seem to have succeeded and I am pleased to say mole holes are now appearing all over the garden. The garden really wouldn’t be the same without them. Oh I remember the days when they were confined to one end of the garden, but not anymore. They are everywhere. I have to say I am feeling quite proud and protective towards the moles, now that I’m leaving. Go Moles!