Saturday 26th January 2008

My master said “You can’t write that in your diary. It will make me look stupid.” To which I replied “and your point is?” So here goes. My mistress had to have the windows open yesterday as she was getting asthma from packing, so my master sat working with his coat on. My mistress said if he moved about more then he would get warm, but he didn’t seem to think that was a good idea. Instead he resorted to putting the electric heater on. All was well and good until the room had got hot and stuffy to the extent that my mistress asked if he could now unplug it again. An hour later when it was really hot in there she went to investigate and said “I thought you unplugged this.” “I did” said my master, “look there’s the plug.” “No” said my mistress that’s your laptop you’ve unplugged, the heater is still plugged in.” What more can I say?

My mistress is trying to get everything packed and sorted and in the process had left a plant pot saucer by the front door. She said she was going to put it out, but I thought it looked untidy there so it moved it to next to the French windows, where it had been when the plant was still alive.

I said goodbye to my friend Cuckoo yesterday. It was all a bit sad really. I finally find a puppy that looks up to me and now I have to leave. Saying goodbye is all right until you have to think about it. Where’s my leaving party? Why haven’t my friends been invited round? My master and mistress are seeing all their friends this evening, but I’m not even invited. I even promised not to chase Matilda if they took me.