Saturday 19th January 2008

The marzipan store is not going to last long at this rate. I have taken up begging position just outside the cupboard and my mistress isn’t finding it easier to resist either. I suppose having me saying, “Go on you know you want to,” doesn’t really help her. Her argument is that is going to have to be rationed as it can’t be replaced in England. My argument is that I am a dog and will eat almost anything, it may be my favourite but if it is gone I’ll just find something else. There is only one thing for it, she will have to go to buy some more.

I know my mistress is finding it difficult going to places and saying she is leaving. It is making her very sad. It is only really the little town we live in and the house and woods, apart from the people and their dogs that she will miss. She doesn’t really go anywhere else. She has started to come up with a list of places she would like to visit before she leaves, but it is a bit late for that now, there is too much packing to do. I’m helping where I can. I lie on my bed and shout across to her occasionally “do you really need to keep that?” “wouldn’t’ that be better going in the bin?”, but whatever I say, she carefully puts it in a box, despite the fact she hasn’t looked at it in the last two years. She works on the basis that she may need it one day, although she is starting to talk about selling a whole load of stuff on ebay when we get back. She would do it before we went but 1) she has run out of time 2) her language skills are not good enough. I wonder how she will get on with the language barrier in Yorkshire.