Sunday 20th January 2008

It’s very hard watching some parts of your life being dismantled and other parts being packed into boxes. Even though I know what it is all about, I really do need a lot of reassurance, especially when I start to see suitcases being filled. I know that suitcases mean someone is going on a trip and I know that trips don’t always involve me. It’s only natural that I should become all clingy and not want to let my master and mistress out of my sight. Oh I know what they’ve told me. I know they said I’m going too. But what if I’m not? What if they are just going to leave me behind? It isn’t as though I have seen them start to pack any of my stuff yet. My beds are in the usual places and my toys are still scattered liberally around the house. They were dismantling some bunk beds earlier and every so often I would poke my head into their arm or through their legs and say “Don’t forget me.” It’s hard being a dog.

This moving thing is not without its positives though. I quite like the running down of food supplies. I’m doing rather well out of it. I did rather enjoy the orange sauce that went with tonight’s meal. I wonder if it’s all right for a dog to have a sauce that contains brandy and cointreau. The dog thought so!

Today should be fun. My master has agreed that whatever the weather does, he is prepared to do all the outside jobs that are waiting. I’ll believe it when I see it, but my mistress is living in hope. The worst of it is that she is expecting me to find all my toys from around the garden and get them in a neat pile for packing. I hate the rain even more than my master. I suppose it is better than the alternative of having to leave all my toys behind.