Friday 18th January 2008

It seems that de-registering for some things is as hard as registering was. The number plate return turned out to be easy and there were only two people in the queue in front of us. What we can’t work out is how you send the other number plate, for the other car, back when you aren’t in the country anymore. Oh yes you can post it but they need your ID card to give you the paperwork for the insurance company to cancel your insurance. The only problem is that you have to hand your ID card back before you leave. There is a bit of the equation that doesn’t quite work.

If only cancelling the store points card had been so easy. It wouldn’t cost my mistress anything not to bother cancelling it but she thought she would save the shop the cost of keep sending things to an address she doesn’t live at. Step 1 involved going onto the internet site to use the points and then cancel the card. That failed. Unfortunately it failed in Flemish so we were none the wiser as to whether we had pressed the wrong button or whether there was another reason. Step 2 involved going to the shop and being given a voucher for the points, but they couldn’t cancel the card. They told us to ring the number on the card. Step 3, after using the voucher, involved telephoning to cancel the card. This is the point that my mistress lost her cool. She spent a long time working her way through the menus in Dutch until she got to a human being. The human being put her on hold whilst she found another one that spoke English. In turn this one told my mistress she had to write a letter and send the card back. At this point my mistress made it clear she was trying to do them a favour and had already spent enough time and money on it, so she said good bye and has cut the card up and binned. They can now write to her for years for all she cares, she did try.