Thursday 17th January 2008

Life has gone full circle. When I started writing my diary, one of the first things I told you about was our trip to register my mistress’s little car and get its Belgian number plate. Today is a very sad day. We are making the return trip to hand the number plate in. We could have posted it to them, but my mistress said she would rather take it, I think it is all part of her saying goodbye. At least I am not expecting to have to sit and wait in the car for two hours for her this time, as I really can’t imagine that giving something back can take that long. She tried to take her library card back yesterday, but true to form in Belgium, the library was closed. There are some good things about the move. My mistress came back from the supermarket with 22 bars of marzipan yesterday. It was all they had on the shelf or she would have bought more. She has promised to buy us some more next week. I think she should tell the supermarket she is leaving so they reduce the amount of marzipan they buy in. You can just the headline of their in-house magazine, or at least the English translation of it, ‘Marzipan sales slump as Alfie and his mistress leave Belgium’.

The worst thing that has come up about the move so far is that my mistress is planning to take me for my annual injections early. Who wants to bring forward the date of something like that? Not me that’s for sure. Her reasoning is that as they are due to run out a few days after we get to England, she doesn’t want any problem for my master when he takes me there by car. She has visions of them asking when he is planning to leave England and then refusing me entry when he says he’s not. Although I can see her reasoning, it is me that has to suffer the injection and I just hate the sight of needles.