Thursday 10th January 2008

You have to worry about some headlines. There I was looking at the latest news on the internet, when I came across the headline “Younger drinkers know their limits better.” Now it may of course just be me, but I started to picture some 11 year olds having had a few bottles of alcopops, saying to each other, “Maybe we’d best not take the car now!” I didn’t actually read the story to spoil the illusion.

I wonder how my mistress is getting on today. She is supposed to be finding us somewhere to live. We leave Belgium in another 21 days and don’t know where we are going to yet. Apparently, there aren’t that many houses that take pets and which are in the right area with enough bedrooms. I said I don’t need a room of my own but it seems she was counting one for me anyway. From what she says the biggest problem is not me but the fact that we should be getting Sooty for James fairly soon. I can always meet people and shake their paw and show them what a well behaved dog I am, with a puppy it is much more difficult. I’m sure someone will take us. The house that looked most likely had gone when my mistress rang about it. That was a shame, as I quite liked the sound of it having an orchard. It was an old farmhouse. I don’t think my mistress is keen on having a house on an estate, particularly after being surrounded by woodland here. I suppose renting won’t be forever. There was one house that said ‘forest’ quite near it on the map. That might be quite good if it weren’t for the train line that is even nearer!