Wednesday 9th January 2008

Here’s me enjoying myself, playing with my dog friends, living in the lap of luxury, whilst my owners are off in different countries earning the money to buy my dog food. It’s not a bad life being a dog. I know I’m fighting for more freedom and better rights for dogs, but if truth be known, it’s not a bad life being a pet.

With regard to the political campaigning, I have heard that a cat opposition party may be being formed. It’s a shame really, as if we could have worked together we would have been much more effective in securing rights for pets from humans. I suppose that’s cats for you, always looking for a fight. They walk up to you with their tails in the air as though they own the place and then when you go up to sniff them hello, what do you get for your troubles? Usually a swipe round the nose, in my experience. I suppose on that basis there wasn’t a great deal of hope that they would have worked with us on such important issues. Come to think of it, I don’t think I know many working cats. There are those who catch mice, but as far as I can tell, that is more a cat sport than a form of employment.  You don’t see ‘sniffer cats’ and can you imagine having a ‘guide cat for the blind’? The poor blind person would have to climb over fences and up trees in order to get anywhere. Come to that, can you imagine a cat bringing the post in for you. They would think that was beneath them. I think it’s their way of covering up for the fact that they are incapable of doing such complex tasks. There really is nothing like a dog to have as a companion.