Friday 11th January 2008

I still don’t know if we’ve got anywhere to live when we move to England. I’m starting to worry that if the reason that they can’t find a house is me, then they will take me out of the equation. I suppose I could live with my granny and granddad but I don’t really want to be without my mistress. I wonder what we are going to do. I would keep her as warm as I could if we had to sleep on a bench somewhere. I don’t think she would cope very well without her home comforts though. I think some of the places have said one well trained dog. I’m well trained, really I am. I sit when told (as long as a bribe is involved) and am quite good at stay, (unless I get distracted and as long as there is a bribe involved). At least I’m good round the house and I guess that is the main thing they worry about.

It has been odd being amongst dogs for a week, when I had got so used to being a bit more human. I’m not really sure which I prefer. Dogs are better at rough and tumble but I have grown rather used to my home comforts. Dogs don’t cuddle you as much either and try as I might, I can’t get any of them to rub my tummy in exactly the right position.

There are less than 3 weeks of living in Belgium left. It really is very sad. By the time my mistress gets back she will only have two weeks to go. I have my doubts whether she will get everything done that she wants to in that time. It isn’t really just the things she wants to do, at some point she really must get round to telling the Belgian authorities that they are going!