Saturday 5th January 2008

I do find it upsetting when there are suitcases being packed. It is usually a sign that someone is going somewhere without me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my own little suitcase and I find going away exciting, but I would always prefer to go away with my master and mistress and not without them. To be honest I’m a bit confused. My mistress is packing to go to England without me but I know my master is coming back at about the same time as she is going, so what about me? I got all upset and clingy when my master got the cases out the other night. I thought he was going for ages when he got to giant sized suitcases out, but it turned out he was just trying to get as much stuff moved to England that doesn’t want to go into store. I don’t know how he knew those particular things didn’t want to go into storage. I was wondering if he had sat down and had a chat with them. Then my mistress explained it was things like the children’s Christmas presents and the clothes he might want to wear. I ran and got my Christmas presents for him to take, however it seems they are going later.

I heard them talking on the radio about ‘snow lying’. Don’t you think someone ought to tell the snow that it’s wrong to lie. I know I might be new to this world but it shouldn’t go getting into bad habits right from the start. If we aren’t careful we’re going to have rain committing robberies and wind forming murderous gangs. All weather conditions might turn to lives of crime. We could combine the weather forecast with the crime statistics.