Sunday 6th January 2008

Well here I am staying with my friends Mackensey and Spencer whilst my mistress goes to England without me. She says she wanted to take me really but I don’t know whether to believe her. Worse still she has gone off in my little car and says she isn’t bringing it back. Apparently, that one now needs to stay in England so that my mistress can drive the other one over in a few weeks time. She will have to come back to Belgium by train and it is the sort of train they won’t let me go on. But then, as it is my last proper stay with my friends, I want to make the most of it.

I’m hoping to be having a leaving party but I don’t know if my mistress will have time to organise it for me. I have made a list of the dogs I want to invite and I don’t mind if they bring their humans with them. I’m hoping my mistress will bring me back regularly to visit my friends too. It would be a shame to just leave them all behind. I shan’t mind leaving the moles behind, I’m not really friends with them.

My mistress rang to say she got to England all right. She is staying with my grandparents tonight but reassured me that I will be seeing them in just a couple of weeks, so I didn’t mind missing out quite as much. I’m going to look after granny whilst my grandpa goes into hospital for a night. I wonder if she will let me sleep with her on her bed if grandpa isn’t there. I shall be able to look after her much better if I can stay nice and close to her.