Friday 4th January 2008

Well some days just don’t go according to plan and any day that ends up with a trip to the vet is one of those days. We had gone for a walk and I thought I would go up to a gate to see a friend of mine but his brother wasn’t so pleased to see me and bit my lip. He managed to bite right through. I’m going to have a scar according to the vet says. I had to have an antibiotic injection and felt quite sorry for myself. As a result I have been spoilt rotten by my mistress, but I have concluded that I may need to choose my friends more carefully in future.

I must remember not to yawn at the moment. When I do I split my lip open again and it hurts. I’m hoping to be allowed a nice relaxing few days for recovery and if we go for walks, I’m hoping it is in a different direction as I’m a bit of a coward if truth be known.

I was happy to find that my mistress is already sporting a sweatshirt with the Pet Dogs’ Democratic Party slogan for the year on. It is important that she helps in spreading the message. I just need to get my master to wear one too as well. It would be good if he did; as he travels to more countries and will be able to spread the word to dogs all over Europe. I don’t know how the political systems in their countries work but we could always get dogs standing for the European Parliament and make changes from that end. If we did that I might find myself having to live back here in Belgium, which would be a good thing unless I couldn’t bring my mistress.