Wednesday 2nd January 2008

I have been thinking about the best approach to achieving universal suffrage for dogs. I am quite sure I would like any protests we undertake to be calm and peaceful and absolutely no risk to me at all. I think I could stretch to attaching my lead to a railing somewhere, but the problem with being a dog is that people just think your owner has tied you there whilst they are doing something else. I suppose if I could persuade hundreds of dogs to tie themselves to the same railings we might at least get some media coverage. The problem with that as a plan would be that we would all end up barking at each other and get wrapped up in each other’s leads chasing each other or our own tails, whichever we preferred. Then of course there are dogs that I am not prepared to share a railing with, I wouldn’t even want to pee on the same lamppost as some dogs. However, of the cause is to be universal I don’t suppose I can pick and choose which dogs are included. There are downsides of giving the vote to Pitt Bull Terriers for example. There are some who might think a Chihuahua wasn’t all that safe at making decisions either, but then I suppose they have their human equivalents.

On a more mundane front, we are supposed to be doing some more of the jobs connected with moving today. I have volunteered to sort out the kitchen food cupboard, but I think the reality of my offer may have been spotted. Instead of that I have to help my master collect some cardboard boxes; but where is the fun in that? I’m much more of a kitchen cupboard sort of a dog, than a cardboard one.