Thursday 3rd January 2008

Well it is the last day of being surrounded by people and having children fight over who holds my lead, for a couple of weeks at least. I can be flexible. I don’t mind whether I’m in control of a 12 year old or a 5 year old. Though frankly I’m not sure that any of us is in charge of the 5 year old. He dropped the end of the lead he was supposed to be holding the other day. How am I supposed to control him when he doesn’t hang on? I made the most of it and ran into the first garden I came to, my lead trailing behind me. The problem with having a trailing lead is that it makes it easier for them to catch me. Still even a moment of freedom is exquisite.

It has gone all cold again. It’s not really to my liking. It means I have to resort to snuggling right into the duvet to get all comfortable. I had hoped for some snow to build a snowman. I know it’s cold and wet at the same time but it is always fun to roll small boys in the snow.

The worst part about the boys going home is that it is going to make my diet easier for my mistress to enforce. It is just so easy to get scraps from a five year old. Firstly there are the ones he accidentally drops on the floor. Then there are the ones he accidentally drops on the floor. Finally there are the ones he is holding in such a position that I can steal them when he is least expecting it. The last method causes tears, but apart from that it is quite fun on my part.