Thursday 27th December 2007

I might have slightly missed the point yesterday. It was me that had to sit by Andy’s feet on the way back and I was quite right in my assumption, it wasn’t very comfortable. If I had known that before we set off I might not have been quite so please to be included. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I got left in the car whilst they went into the airport this time. Apparently, taking a cute puppy into a crowded airport is easier than taking a full-grown dog. Ah well, at least I got to go.

The candied peel had a best before date of May 2008. It probably thought it had a reasonable expectation of seeing in the New Year. Sadly, for the candied peel it has been devoured in next to no time and I didn’t get a single piece. I shall remember that when I’ve got some dog treats and my mistress wants one. We, well at least my mistress, has discovered a direct causal link between eating a whole tub of candied peel and having an upset stomach. I said it served her right for not sharing it, but my comments fell on deaf ears.

With it being my Master’s birthday yesterday and a second Christmas day for the children, there were presents everywhere again. No more for me, which was a great disappointment. My Master seems to have enough trains to take over running the UK rail network and he still won’t let me play. I’m expected to sit here whilst he tells me their numbers and names. He also tells me how much weight they can pull. I’m supposed to sit quietly and look interested. The only reason that I have to do it is because my Mistress has delegated the role. I’ve negotiated extra biscuits for it though!