Wednesday 26th December 2007

A train set. My owners have bought themselves a new train set and I’m not allowed to play. Oh they are happy enough, playing like small children but they don’t think I would be gentle enough with the controls. I suppose I shouldn’t be too put out, it is not just me being left out. They have put it all away whilst they go and collect the children from the airport, apparently Andrew is too young too. Perhaps I will just share my toys with Andrew then.

Some of my presents were exciting and some of them were not. None were as exciting as my bone the other day. The fleece blanket was almost as good, but it will take a while to rub enough smells into it to be really acceptable. The blanket to protect the back of the car was NOT exciting. What is my mistress thinking of, buying me a present like that? I also got a couple of rather good tug toys, which claim to be indestructible. I got through the bone in half an hour, let me see how long these take. It’s my master’s birthday today too but he won’t be opening his presents until the children are here later. I hope there is something for me in all of them. The good news is they are having another Christmas dinner this evening so I won’t end up missing out on the Turkey. Sadly there are no parsnips though!

I’d better go, it turns out I can go on the trip today. Someone has to sit on the floor by Andy’s feet on the way back if I’ve understood this correctly. I’m not sure who will volunteer for that, I don’t imagine it would be very comfortable. It is either that or sitting on suitcases.